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Põlva laulik Riho Kall

Artishok Recordsi poolt suurema avalikkuse ette toodud noor artist Riho Kall oli nii lahke ning saatis oma uue loo "Duet" Penny Lane´ile. Tegemist peaks olema verivärske loominguga, mida albumil "Põlva 666" ei leia. Albumit saab kuulata Artishoki kodulehelt.

Loost kirjutab Riho ise:

“Duet” – my monologue to John Cage

One day I just went to our small artist studio in Kalamaja and started working on a few tracks of our band Kuldaveärt Karud. The final thing I did was recording two solo parts on guitar on a back made by two of my colleagues. When I was about to match the acoustic guitars with some computer editing I noticed that they already formed a piece on their own. So I ended up making another solo piece of mine instead of finishing work with the bands track.

My composition was longer in the beginning than it is here. Yesterday I cut away the free experimental interlude and got straight to a solid repeating theme with variations. To my surprise playing time of the file was exactly 4 minutes and 33 seconds when I had saved it. And that was not all! I even distinguished three parts in it. For some reason the guitar lines had electronic noise in the background but I noticed the defect too late. I couldn’t change it anymore. The sound quality had to be lowered anyway to make the file size smaller.

So I figured out I would just lean my work against a famous music piece which some facts of the case pointed out. John Cage’s “4’33’’” came into my mind. My work is like the opposite side of it. You can always hear a small noise on the recording, there is no silence in my song. It doesn’t direct the listener outside the music like Cage’s piece, but it still contains a hint to the absence of a line or part (the band). In my song I’m in a discussion with John Cage and myself. One side of me in each phone and mr. Cage in abscence.

Riho Kall


3. I. 2008

Riho Kall - Duet

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